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Weekends coming

Do pets know the day of the week it is? Not likely nor really any reason to care.

Pets leave the details to us – which is the same thing our customers can do if they feel safe in our presence.

Think about it – your cat or dog KNOWS that you are going to feed them, let them out, be there for a petting or praise.

Do your customers trust you this much?

• They will if you have systems in place to help you –

• A consistent message that is congruent to your brand promise –

• The kindness and connection you do with your pets –

So here are your next steps:

o How are your current systems? Can you improve them? (The answer is yes!)

o Are your messages branded and congruent to your promise? (If you are wondering – it’s an indication to take a deeper look)

o Would your customers describe you as a kind and fair person?

There is one thing I know as a business coach – I KNOW that you have the capability – everyone does – it’s only the best business people who act on their capabilities – is that you?

Let me know what you think or do or what you would like more information on –

Blessings, Shawna

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