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Puppy dog eyes

Can you look at your clients like this?

If you share your life with a dog you’ve been looked at adoringly.

You know what I mean – those puppy dog eyes that say, “I trust you. I love you.” or sometimes, “Please pet me or feed me or love me back.”

The gaze of our pets lifts us up. The gaze of our pets can energize us, melt our hearts or give us courage. All because they look at us without judgment, which is such a gift!

Today in your pet business – can you do the same for your clients?

Easy in concept – more difficult in practice – unless we set the intention to look at them with love, to serve, to listen, to wait, to be present and suspend judgment.

This is a tall order and yet dogs do it all day long – they take no offense and accept us regardless of appearance, actions or history. They are continually hopeful so we rise to meet their expectations.

There is much to do in our businesses – and each day brings more to do however when we begin to look at our clients with puppy dog eyes we will not only connect more deeply with those we serve, they will feel our love and their hearts will melt, they will be lifted up and they will return.

That’s a great way to Do Your Business!

Blessings, Shawna


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