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Barking for the roar

When I would ask my dad why the dog barked for what appeared to be no reason my dad used to reply, “He’s barking to hear his head roar”.

This always made me smile.

Sometime our canines do this now – just start barking – at the woods, at the night sounds when nothing appears to be a threat or interesting. Maybe they just need to hear their head roar.

Maybe your customers need this too.

Sometimes we find people who simply need to talk – who want to tell you everything about themselves or their pets or their lives when you have no interest in any of it.

You may be a safe place for your customers and this is a good thing.

Smile, nod and listen – it’s a great loyalty builder.

It’s a great way to: Do Your Business!

Blessings, Shawna
Host of: Do Your Business!

Author:  Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do.

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