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The Evening Routine

Open the crate door, glance at the dog, dog goes in, treat is given and the door closes for the night. Safe and sound – both of us.

This is a nice routine, we both like it.

Sometimes when I’m distracted, or it’s late and I’m focused on brushing my teeth and putting myself to bed I will forget this routine.

Stewart, who sleeps in his crate tucked beside the trunk at the foot of our bed, will stand in the bathroom staring at me.

If I glance at him, he looks deeply at me, then looks at the cabinet that holds the treats and back at me as if to say, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Which pops me back into my routine and I apologize and get a treat out and put him to bed.

Our customers are not so patient.

Yet even they love a routine.

Knowing this can give you an advantage in working with them and make it easier for you.

From having a standard welcome or greeting when someone calls or enters your business to a question you always ask, “What new things are happening with you?” – Or the standard and mundane, “How are you today?” – make a customer feel safe.

Safety is good. Routine is good – and both help you succeed with customers.

Today, as you go about your work, make note of the things you do and how you do them so you can standardize them. You can teach them to your team as it grows and you can tweak and alter to improve your customer experience.

Having routines and systems in place is a smart and brings comfort to your customers. Worth doing – and a good way to: Do Your Business!

Blessings, Shawna


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