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To excited to see you

A dog who is excited can be almost uncontainable. He leaps, he barks, he wiggles and works diligently to get right up in your face.

“So happy to see you!” pores out of his movements – joy, elation, excitement – what a way to live!

How must it feel to have every small event so celebrated?

Like living a full life?

How can you celebrate the small things that happen in your business today?

Can you be more excited when someone comes in?

Can you answer the phone like a person who believes a ring is an opportunity?

Can you smile at everyone and nothing simply because you’re doing something you chose to do with your life?

Celebrate the small things in your business today and see what happens!

Blessings, Shawna
Host of: Do Your Business!

Author:  Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do.

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