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Foot dangles for your Pet Business

Our bed is high and king sized which none of our dogs can jump. Either from age or size, so if they get on the bed it’s because they were helped.

However this doesn’t stop them from pressing their bodies and noses into the side of the bed, pawing at the bed and whining for a lift!

Instead I’ve been doing the foot dangle. When I put my leg over the side bent at the knee – it happens to be the exact right height for rubbing a yellow Labrador back, getting a toe lick from a Papillon and getting my foot zealously assaulted by an overly needy Border collie.

This foot dangle has become the way I pacify my canines when they want me out of bed or they want in bed. It works well.

They get some attention though not exactly what they want, I give something though not as much as asked for. It’s a negotiation that works for us.

What kind of foot dangles can you do in your pet business that would help you to satisfy more customers without giving more than you want or having them all in bed with you?

Foot dangles can include –
• A certain time you return calls – promise it on your voice mail and make it happen for it to work.
• Certain days you address certain requests – you will work with them on that on Tuesday – so schedule with them now and then they know they have your time.
• Predetermined giving amounts – so you participate yet within your comfort zone, “This is the amount we’ve allotted for these events this year/month/week.”

My dogs will ask and ask and ask for love and attention (Another wonderful reason I adore having pets!) however when I give within my comfort level – we all win.

Figure out your own business foot dangles and you’ll find your customers are happier and so are you.
That’s a good way to Do Your Business!

Blessings, Shawna
Host of: Do Your Business

Author:  Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do.

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