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Come when called

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew that no matter what distraction was happening your pooch would come when you called?

What would that feel like? How about safe, secure, fun, even powerful?

Some of us have dogs we can trust – mostly.

It’s my opinion that the moment you want to be viewed as a liar, brag about your dog or horse – and they will do the exact opposite of what you’re expecting!

If you’ve put in the time and the dog is willing you can get that recall, however there is always the chance you won’t – it’s what makes the dog thing so fascinating.

Your customers are like that too.

Providing superior service, value, consistency and love is what brings a customer back – mostly.

Just like our canines – I like to remember that I get better results when I set myself up to win.

Here are a few things that work:

Use your customer’s name – it’s a powerful call –

Make what you’re doing interesting or exciting

Be consistent in your message

Use praise – and treats

It’s pure pleasure to see my dogs running towards me when I call and pure terror when I’m ignored and I feel danger looming like an approaching car.

Yet when I remember to do the above, I find more running to me times and that’s the goal!

Would love your tips and techniques on getting your customers coming in!

Blessings, Shawna

Author:  Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary storyteller, who works with corporations and associations to develop environments that help people bring their best selves to the work they do.

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